Tes BET™ (Business English Test) adalah tes yang mengukur kecakapan berbahasa Inggris dalam konteks bisnis / dunia kerja.

Business English Test is a test designed to measure the English Language proficiency of non-native speakers of English who use the language in international business contexts.

The test assesses the four language skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing- needed in international business situations, in the form of a paper-end-pencil test


Listening Comprehension

Part I – Describing photographs

Part II – Finding appropriate responses to questions and statements

Part III – Understanding Short Conversations

Part IV – Understanding Short Talks


The interview measures general oral language proficiency including comprehension as well as production. The oral interaction may involve expressing opinions and attitudes, giving comments, reasons, and clarifications, stating confirmation, requirements, and justifications, etc.

Usage and Reading Comprehension

Part I – Usage and Vocabulary : (A). Completing sentences with missing words or phrases; (B) Completing texts with missing words or phrases

Part II – Reading Comprehension, 48 comprehension questions based on reading texts on various topics

Essay Writing

The Essay writing measures the ability to write in standard written English on an assigned business-related topic. The skills tested included generating and organizing ideas, supporting the ideas with details (examples, illustrations, and evidence), as well as using writing devices and mechanics to make the flow of ideas run smoothly.

Scoring and Results

Results can be obtained within 3 working days in Jakarta and Bogor (one day at Pengadegan Branch). Results is valid for one year. Test taker receives a certificates and one duplicate. 

   Biaya Tes

TesRegulerOne Day Service
BETRp. 200,000Rp. 250,000
BET + InterviewRp. 225,000Rp. 275,000
BET + Interview + Essay WritingRp. 275,000Rp. 325,000