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Doing your daily routine or your monotonous work can make you feel really bored and exhausted. For many people, that situation lead


For people who need to get back on track, those who need to get out of a writer’s block, this #LIATips is just what you need. Being creative isn’t something difficult to do. Try out some of these and you might see the different.

  • Meet new people

If you usually hang out with the same type of people, maybe it’s time for you to open more doors. Join a new hobby club, be a part of a community group, attend a workshop, or involve yourself in a volunteering program. These new people may be the new source of inspiration for you.

  • Take risks!

Not many people want to try out new things, to be honest. It’s too risky because no one can guarantee if these new things are going to work out for them or not. That situation makes people choose to stay in their comfort zone instead of challenging themselves to do something new. Dare yourself to try new things, to take risk, then you can actually see this world in a new perspective.

  • Learn a new skill

Learning new things will not just give you new skills that you can use, but it also can give you a different perspective on how you approach the things that you do. Sometimes, being creative can be achieved just by doing things from a different perspective. And the more skills that you have, will also mean the more perspective you are equipped with to be creative.


  • Write a journal

It might be seen as something pretty common to do, but writing a journal is not everyone’s cup of tea. It can be very repetitive and boring. But, it can also be seen as a training drill for you to make things fresh and different. Use different pen colors, make graphs, put pictures, or do anything you want with it. It’s yours and you have the total freedom to do it your way.

5. Visit galleries or museums

6. Read books

7. Love what you do

8. Try out different cuisines

9. Be curious

10. Do traveling

11. Listen to musics

12. Watch movies

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